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Tricia Gossett

As we enter the holiday season, I would like to start off by thinking through what all I’m thankful for. The list is endless, which is an extreme blessing, but one person stands out for sending up constant prayers and endlessly putting her kitchen to work: Tricia Gossett.

Almost weekly Tricia would pull up at our home and one of her sweet grandchildren would get out to deliver a case of homemade cookies they had just baked with their grandmother, Tricia. My boys, husband and in-laws knew the drill and eagerly awaited the cookie flavor of the week and quickly finished them off. This act of love continued through the fall of last year and became the idea around this website for stroke/brain injury survivors on Sprinkling Love.

On Halloween of this year, I met up with Tricia to get her story on being so supportive of our family last fall. As a little background, my husband was pledge brothers with their oldest son. My husband also attended a bible study, led by Tricia’s husband, Byron, years ago. All to say we knew them, but their outreach was so kind I was interested in knowing more. Tricia explained that her grandchildren have so much to be thankful for that she feels called to show them how to help others.

She shared stories of taking her grandchildren with a cooler of water to an area in town that has a large homeless population to pass out drinking water to those in need. She also mentioned taking her grandchildren to nursing homes in town. When asked if she has always been this way, she responded, “no” but I can tell she has always had a heart for others. She shared a story of a family they offered to help at Christmas one year when her children were young and how that led them to support the family in other ways. She also shared mission trips she went on with her children through the years.

I think we can so easily overwhelm ourselves with the busy day-to-day routine that we forget how a gesture of baking someone cookies and delivering them can be such a pivotal reminder that they are being looked over by many!

I truly can’t thank Tricia enough for dropping off cookies’ week after week and the smile it brought to my face. I hope the lesson in giving back spreads wildly through her grandchildren and they see how a small gesture can mean so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This is a picture of 6 of her 8 grandchildren at “Camp Trudy” last summer, following pickleball lessons!

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