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Tiffany Rubenkoenig


Welcome! My name is Tiffany Rubenkoenig. I created this site to rally around fellow stroke and brain injury survivors. I want to tell their stories, lift them up, and show that life doesn’t end because of your injury (perhaps you are just getting started). 


Here is my own story:

In July 2022, at 41 years old, I had a massive stroke and subsequent cardiac arrest. It took the exceptional medical care team 15 minutes to revive me. Following a helicopter transport and emergency surgery, I spent three weeks in the hospital (two of those in ICU) and a month in-patient for neurological rehabilitation. When I was finally able to return home to my husband and three young boys, I began out-patient day neuro each weekday for another three months. In late December 2022, I began at-home therapy and then later had brain aneurysm surgery in April 2023. The aneurysm was discovered at the time of my stroke (though unrelated to the stroke itself). I continue on my recovery journey today. 


Throughout my recovery process, I have been blessed by a large network of family and friends who provided an abundance of support. 


Friends and family stayed with me at the hospital, brought food, gifts, and flowers. They gave me rides to Day Neuro, rides to doctor's appointments, and prayed for and with me.


While I received my own sprinkles of love, I quickly realized many others do not have such a large support system. Recovery and therapy regimens are grueling. Sprinkling Love seeks to bring a sprinkle of joy to those in difficult medical situations who may not have extensive support systems.


I’m thrilled you are here. Please read my content, make a suggestion, or donate to a project.

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