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Kenneth Goodman

Here is an incredible story about paying attention to your symptoms and always seeking help when things seem off.


I was a pharmacist, with 3 kids, from a small town in North Dakota.

When was your stroke or brain injury?

7/5/23 I suffered a brain injury following a heart attack. I was having some of the classis signs of a heart attack, tingling in the arm, chest pain, etc. I woke my wife up to take me to the ER

She dropped me off and parked. When she met me in the room I was taken to, I had already coded and was being resuscitated. All within a few minutes of my arrival at the ER

What was the cause of the brain injury?

The cause was unknown.

How are your working to get stronger?

I attend rehab 3 days a week and take daily walks.

What are your current interests, are you still working?

My interests include cooking, golfing, wood working.

What about your stroke or brain injury has inspired you or others?

My main take away was how quickly everything changed. The signs of a heart attack should not be ignored. I went from driving to the ER just to be sure everything was ok to coding all in about 4 minutes. My daughter in law had a similar experience 9 years ago but her father chose to sit on the couch hoping it was nothing and ended up dying of the heart attack he was having.

My recovery has been great. Lots of support and help from family, friends, and medical staff.

I feel like I have made a lot of progress.

Thank you, Kenneth, for sharing your story and the importance of seeking help when something isn't right!

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