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More About Me

The ‘About Me’ area of the website captures what happened to me in the summer of 2022, but doesn’t tell you much else about me. Here is a bit more about me and what got me to this point.

My background:

I was born in Fort Worth in May of 1981 and grew up in North Richland Hills. In the fall of 1999 I began attending Texas Christian University (TCU) and met my husband in December of our sophomore year. After completing our Masters (mine in Accounting from University of Texas in Arlington) we married in May of 2006. We had our first son in February of 2011. Our second arrived in October of 2012, and our third boy in December of 2018.

Career background:

I have an Accounting & Finance degree, but have always spent more time using my accounting skills. I’m currently employed by Pegasus Resources (Oil & Gas) and am waiting for my vision to improve before going back to work.

Community involvement:

In the fall of 2008 I joined the Junior League of Fort Worth, an organization dedicated to community service. Through the many years of service and training, I held the roles of Assistant Finance VP, Finance VP, and eventually, President. Prior to this I also served as Treasurer and President for the Fort Worth Alumnae Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha. Following my League journey I served as Treasurer for my boys PTA Board. I always enjoyed using my educational background and experience to benefit community organizations.

Stroke Type

Stroke occurred in the back of my head near my spine.

Cause of stroke

Still unknown. Brain scans that followed made us aware of a brain aneurysm that was later wrapped.

Stroke injuries

Initially, I was unable to walk, had significant ataxia (loss of coordination), and my speech was diagnosed as having ataxic dysarthria, and limited vision. By the time I left Day Neuro at Baylor Scott & White I mostly needed speech, vision, and cognitive therapy.

What am I currently working on?

I’ve been working with Collage Home & Community Rehabilitation Partners since I left Day Neuro in late December. Originally, I was working with all the therapists, but as life started feeling more normal I dropped down to Speech & Occupational Therapy only. My speech still isn't what it used to be and I’ve begun to accept I may not ever sound like my old self (and that is ok). I’m still in Occupational Therapy for driving and my fine motor skills. Both require constant tweaking.

Current interests

My primary interests are my family and friends. My time with my husband and young boys has changed dramatically. Although I will never be the person I once was, I do hope to build a better version of myself. I know God has a reason for putting me through this and I’m a stronger person and believer because of it.

I’ll be Sprinkling Love over other stroke and brain injury survivors. The main concept is getting cookies, flowers, and/or gifts to others so please share locations to add to our list.

My second focus is on bringing together survivors to tell their stories. This journey through recovery seems similar, but each person is quite different. Let’s learn from them and become their prayer warriors through this journey!

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