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James Nance

A few weeks ago, I had reached out to my speech therapist at Baylor Scott & White Day Neuro on if they had any patients that would be interested in answering some questions about their journey. I am happy to introduce, James Nance.

My name is James Nance and I have married to my beautiful wife Marsha for 46 years. My 2 Kids are Jared age 43 and Micah age 40. I have 7 grand kids. I was born in Roswell. NM in 1956. I currently live in Arlington, Tx.

After my lumbar laminectomies I was unable to walk. Another MRI revealed I had pressure on my spinal cord in the C2-4 area from an injury when I was much younger. My surgical spine injury happened 3-1-2023 when I had cervical corpectomies on C 2 – C4. I knew going into surgery that I may have complications.

Injuries occurred – Had to relearn everything from waist and down. i.e., how to walk, bowel and bladder control, had no functional control over the lower portion of my body.

I am currently in Day Neuro Therapy program where I receive daily exercise from PT, OT and encouragement from them and the other patients. On my days off from Day Neuro I do therapy at home exercises.

My current interests are drumming, wood working, blacksmithing, games, grandkids, blogging the stories of Day Neuro and other interest.

My injury has inspired me to tell the stories of the miracles of Day Neuro on my Facebook page (James Nance is my Facebook name).

Thank you, James for sharing your journey. For all those reading, check-out his Facebook page!

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