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Erin Ralph

Recovery from a stroke or brain injury is a division of feelings. On one hand, you are so thankful to be alive. On the flip side, you're often starting all over again. A blessing I have found is meeting new people and feeding off each other on where our progress has taken us.

While at Baylor -Scott & White I was fortunate to meet a local mom with kids around the same age as mine who had a stroke in 2022. Here is her story:

Tell me about your background (job, community service, kiddos, family, where you're from, etc)

I got married to my husband 18 years ago and was a public-school educator until we started growing our family. I have 14-year-old twin girls, a 10-year boy and a five-year-old daughter. Prior to my stroke I was working as a People Manager for the online retailer, Stitch Fix. My other roles included being an Uber driver for my family and a social coordinator for my teens.

What caused your stroke or brain injury?

I had routine sinus surgery which ended in a blood clot to my brain caused by a carotid artery dissection.

What injuries did you have as a result of the stroke/brain injury?

The stroke was on the right side of my brain affecting the left side of my body.

What are you working on currently?

Currently, I am still working in therapy. It is hard to walk without a brace and to get my left arm back working, again.

What are your current interests? (are you still working?, what are current interests, etc.)

I am not currently working, but my main interest right now is yoga. In October I will be taking the “Love your Brain” yoga teacher certification course. Once I am certified I hope to volunteer at places around the metroplex and teach “Love your Brain” yoga, keep up with my kiddos and more.

Thank you to Erin for sharing her story. She inspires me every day as I continue walking through this journey.

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