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Eric Boulden

When brainstorming those that have had a stroke or brain injury that would be interested in telling their story my Occupational Therapist, Paige, with Collage Home & Community Rehabilitation Partners, didn't hesitate to recommend Eric. I now see why she responded the way she did. Please enjoy his story.

Tell me about your background (job, community service, kiddos, family, where you're from, etc)

I was born in Dallas, TX and soon moved to California where I lived until I was 11.

I’m the youngest of 3 kids. My sister is 2 years older than me, and my brother is 3 years older than me. My dad was a cook and he cooked for Sammy Davis Jr. My dad was cooking for a party at Sammy Davis Jr.’s home and my older siblings and I were sitting outside in the backyard on the banks of his swimming pool. My brother and sister jumped in the swimming pool and left me on the bank. I felt lonely, so I jumped in. My parents came outside and noticed that we had jumped in the pool. My siblings were able to swim, but I unfortunately wasn’t. So my mother asked my siblings where I was and they told my mother that I was underwater. Sammy Davis Jr. jumped in and saved me. That’s the first sign of death that I’ve experienced.

I felt called to share the Bible with others starting at 13 years old. I played football and basketball while attending North Dallas High School where I graduated in 1982.

I worked at Job Corps in San Marcos, TX. It is a trade school and in my case each trade was a 2-year course. I took up 3 different trades: cooking, furniture upholstery, and building maintenance. I’m also a graduate of Southern Bible Institute in Dallas, TX.

I am blessed to have two kids, 1 girl and 1 boy. They are grown now. I am fortunate to have married a nice lady from Waco, TX who also had a son and daughter. We met in 2009 and got married in 2011. I met her in church.

When was your stroke or brain injury?

I had a stroke on August 15, 2022.

What caused your stroke or brain injury?

High blood pressure and high levels of glucose

Where in your brain was your stroke or brain injury?

Right side of my brain

What injuries did you have as a result of the stroke/brain injury?

Loss of memory. Affected my left side (left shoulder, arm, hand, leg, foot). This affected my independence (walking, getting dressed).

How are you working to get stronger?

Therapy exercises (physical and mental)

What are your current interests? (are you still working?, what are current interests, etc)

I’m currently not working but have a desire to work. I am interested in cooking, playing outside sports, trying to remember scriptures, trying to love myself better, and learning to be more mobile.

(Eric has also preached five-minute sermons, sung a solo at church and gone to BIND (Brain Injury Network of Dallas) several times since he answered these question.)

What about your stroke or brain injury has inspired you or others?

Inspired me to not get depressed but to keep on concentrating on getting better.

Thank you, Eric for sharing your special story. I know you've made positive impacts on many and through your recovery will continue to bless so many more.

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