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Dedrick Lund

In my time with Collage Home & Community Rehabilitation Panters I met Dedrick while attending BINDFW (Brain Injury Network of Dallas (Fort Worth location)) who first gave me a tour of the Fort Worth clubhouse. When I returned with Sprinkling Love, Dedrick and his smile were there to greet me. And when I took cookies to the Harris Aphasia group and ran into him again, I knew I had to hear his story.

Tell me about your background (job, community service, kiddos, family, where you're from, etc)

I’m originally from Galveston and grew up with three brothers. After graduating from high school, I moved to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah. I majored in chemical engineering and met my wife there. My degree took me many places and my stroke occurred while I was living in North Dakota. We had three children. The oldest, a girl, is currently working on a degree. The middle child, a boy, just graduated from high school. And the youngest, a girl, is unfortunately no longer with us. She died at 11 years old.

Life was stressful and my stroke added to that stress. My wife and I decided to divorce, and I moved back to Fort Worth to be with my parents.

When was your stroke or brain injury?

February 2021

What caused your stroke or brain injury?

I had COVID and what felt like a migraine. Turns out I was having a stroke.

Where in your brain was your stroke or brain injury?

Occurred on the left side of my brain.

What injuries did you have as a result of the stroke/brain injury?

I had to re-learn everything. My mobility went from needing a walker, then a cane and now I get around without any assistance. My face initially had paralysis which has now subsided.

How are you working to get stronger?

I tried some remote therapy early on. I am much stronger now.

What are you working on currently?

I am unable to return to Chemical Engineering so I’m trying to pick up a trade. I go to BINDFW (Brain Injury Network of Dallas (Fort Worth location) Tuesday through Thursday and work with all types of survivors. I’ve also taken up woodworking with my dad (as a hobby for now). And I am able to drive. I also enjoy working out.

What about your stroke or brain injury has inspired others?

My life has changed dramatically. I am grateful to be alive. I enjoy spending time with my parents and brothers. I’ve really struggled, but living life the best I can.

Dedrick is a blessing to BINDFW, the Aphasia group at Harris and the entire stroke community. I hope he continues spreading that smile and sharing his love "the best he can."

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