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What is Sprinkling Love?

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Doesn’t it feel good to receive a surprise cookie or flower delivery?

I spent significant time in the hospital following my stroke. It never got old to receive flowers, cards, and especially treats from those who were supporting me. I’ve lived in the metroplex all my life and come from a large family. When you add in my husband’s large family and my community involvement, I am blessed with a large network and support system.

Yet, I also saw many patients who did not have support at the level I did. Some had no support beyond their healthcare providers. Although I was young to have a stroke, it never sat well with me to not have a crowd of people rallying behind each patient.

The goal of Sprinkling Love is to pay it forward. No one should have to process a stroke, learn new ways to operate, and not have others cheering you on. I’m here to bake you cookies, send you flowers, and support you. You deserve to be doted on after all you have been through. Allow me to celebrate you!

Below is a picture of cookies I took to the Brain Injury Network Clubhouse Of Fort Worth in May. I also delivered to Baylor Scott & White Day Neuro Program. I welcome ideas on facilities to deliver to. My focus is on stroke and brain injury survivors and providing a sprinkle of love to the patients who need uplifting!

With Love,


Sprinkling Love cookies delivered to stroke and brain injury patients.
Sprinkling Love Cookies

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Think of you often, Tiffany, and proud of your progress. Take care and continue the hard work of recovering. Blessings, Lynda Hamilton


This is wonderful! And it doesn’t surprise me you are reaching out to help

Others, even as you continue your healing journey!

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